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Hypothetical situation: Blizzard has introduced a new underwater zone to WoW. Due to this, they start giving all classes underwater abilities. The druid seal form is now utilized for more than simple travel.

Your goal: Design abilities for the seal form! Is the seal a healer? Magical dps? Physical dps? Tank? Utility? CC? Something entirely new?

First off I would love to see a zone completely underwater.  Blizzard does such a phenomenal job with graphics and animations that I just couldn’t see this not being a cool place to dive in to!  (The thought of having a 25 man raid dungeon coming up against a boss level murloc just makes me grin.)

Here goes nothing!

Group Buff(s):

Poseidon’s Blessing:  All members of the druid’s party gain endless waterbreathing effects.  Group members gain slight increase in swim speed.  Blessing grants immunity to other movement impairing effects.  Only one party buff may be active at a time.  Requires:  2 stranglekelp

Master of the Sea:  All members of the druid’s party receive a 5% increase to spell critical damage.  All members gain 60 Nature resistance.  Only one party buff may be active at a time. 

Player Buff:

Seal Form:  While in seal form, player gains endless waterbreathing and increased swim speed.  Nature damage and AOE damage effects are increased by 20%.  Mana cost for AOE abilities reduced by 25%.

Spells and Abilities (only usable in water form):

Sea Spray (various ranks)– An AOE bubble attack that projects forth from the druid doing nature damage to all targets in range.  Continual damage received from Sea Spray results in a stacking debuff called ‘bubble trouble’ that slows the target(s) attack/casting speed.

Tsunami (2 ranks)– An attack that temporarily removes a target from battle.  The target becomes incapacitated for 3 seconds (5 with talents).  During this time they are immune to all attacks but are susceptible to the Sea Spray stacking defuff.  Only one target can be caught in a Tsunami at a time.  Diminishing returns apply.  Requires:  Murloc oil

White Squall (varying ranks)-  An instant cast spell dealing nature damage equal to 150% of druid’s base spell damage.  All within 30 yards of target become silenced for 3 seconds.  3 minute cooldown.

Leviathan –  Calls for a creature from the deep to fight alongside the druid for 15 seconds.  All damage caused by Leviathan is returned to the group in health regeneration.  3 minute cooldown.  Requires:  Mysterious claw

Resurgence-   15 second cast.  Summon’s the target’s ghost back to it’s body through a mysterious portal.  Can only be used out of combat.  Requires two other’s to channel spell.

Yes I’m quite sure that what I’ve written would be overpowered but that wasn’t the point of the challenge. 

 What spells and abilities would you like to see?

If I could pick only one to have actually taken through to the game – Resurgence.  Druids need a way to resurect player’s besides BR.  ‘Nuff said.


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