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So the phone call comes in.  It’s the best friend (you know who you are).  And she’s being overly sweet.  And right away warning bells are going off in my head.  Because generally she is sweet, but this time it’s an overly sweetened sweet.  You know the kind of sweet I’m talking about.  The kind that is usually followed by a request that normally you’d outright refuse.  But the guilt trip is already in place because she’s been, well, sweet.  So you know you’re in trouble even before the conversation comes to fruition because you don’t want to be the bad guy and say no to whatever it is she’s about to ask.  All because she was sweet.

And she wants me to go to Karazhan with her and the guild.  So I have to sit there and wonder what I was so worried about.  Because she’d never set me up in anyway.  She just wouldn’t.  I’m in denial.  Big denial.  The conversation goes something like this:

Her:  We’re doing kara Friday night.  We need one more person.

Me:   Oh really?  Sure I’ll come.  What time?

Now a little background information before we continue.  It’s been a while since I’ve played on this server because the guild went through this huge thing of doing nothing but arenas and battlegrounds.  I can’t stand pvp despite being on a pvp server.  I’ll defend myself and occasionally take out my frustrations on some horde passing by (yes I’m Alliance) but for the most part if you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.  So I went off to another server to play on my level 70 priest (disc/holy hybrid).  So needless to say I jump at the opportunity to take my druid to Karazhan.  It’s fun.  It’s my best friend.  And I really miss playing with my other friends.

So she gives me the time and I agree to be there.  This is where I realize she’s got me suckered in to a trap I should have seen coming.

Me:  Who’s going?

She gives off the list of those coming to DPS and then tells me who is tanking.  Now I’m feral.  I’m already drooling over the idea of pounding on the bosses.  But there’s already two tanks going.  So at this point I think it’s kitty dps time.  

Her:   We need another healer.

I’m not sure what my response was to her right off.  But she’d gone and been sweet about it and I had already said I’d go….

**Fast Forward**

It’s Thursday night and tomorrow night is Karazhan.  So I’m at the trainer…lovingly looking at my feral gear and saying my goodbyes to mangle and my other feral abilities.  There’s something unsettling about pressing that “yes I want to unlearn all my talents” button.  It’s followed by this noise that I honestly think was my feral soul being torn from my virtual body.  Anyway.

It’s now Friday.  Karazhan is in a few hours.  I’ve never healed with a druid.  At all.

Who wants to take bets on the outcome?


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